Unpacking the Circular Economy Evidence Session: Reusable packaging and the environment


Policy Connect's ongoing inquiry, ‘Unpacking the circular economy: reuse and refill in packaging solutions’, explores the role these packaging types can play in moving the UK towards a circular economy.

Reusable and refillable packaging has the potential for significant environmental benefits. However, we must ensure these solutions do not lead to unintended harms. 

This is the second evidence session for this inquiry, and will consider:

  • Benefits and limitations of environmental impact assessments
  • Role of good design in realising environmental benefits 
  • Policy levers required to facilitate the manufacturing and adoption of environmentally-friendly reusable packaging

The event will be chaired by Mark Pawsey MP and will hear from speakers including: 

  • Tracy Sutton - Founder and Lead Expert, Root 
  • Dr Fabrizio Ceschin - Reader in Design, Brunel University London
  • Paula Chin - Senior Policy Adviser (Consumption), WWF 
  • Rachael Rothman - Professor of Sustainable Chemical Engineering, University of Sheffield

The findings of the session will inform the conclusions of the inquiry.

This is a hybrid event, with limited availability for those wishing to attend in person. 

For more information about this session, please contact katy.haigh [at] policyconnect.org.uk