Symposium on Educational Technology


Technology can play a powerful role in breaking down barriers and fostering inclusion for children with additional needs. 

The Government’s new strategy for educational technology identifies inclusion as one of its five key strands and highlights the role assistive technology can play in supporting disabled children at school.

Chaired by Lord Holmes of Richmond MBE, this APPGAT symposium will bring together officials from the Department for Education, teachers, parents, technology developers and parliamentarians to explore how digital tools can help provide a level playing field for all children. Participants will address how we can embed the use of technology within inclusive teaching, share best practice, and explore innovative new models for AT in the classroom.

If you would be interested in joining this event or have any further questions, please contact the APPGAT managers Geena.Vabulas [at] (Geena Vabulas) or Clive.Gilbert [at] (Clive Gilbert). To receive updates on this and other APPGAT activities, please sign up to our newsletter.