Strengthening parliamentary consensus for global change


At COP26, APPGs and caucus groups, including the All-Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group will host a special event on 'Strengthening Parliamentary Consensus for Global Change'. The event will be livestreamed from the COP26 Green Zone in Glasgow, join us for this special COP26 dialogue on building political consensus for climate action.

The Glasgow legacy will be dependent on the ability of Parliaments across the globe to ratify any agreements that are made at COP26. In the UK, political consensus on climate change 
has enabled several mechanisms such as the Climate Change Act 2008, the Committee on Climate Change, and Net Zero by 2050, to support the UK’s pathway to a more sustainable economy. The event will be a deep dive into how Parliamentary consensus can be achieved and coalitions for change can be built. 

We will hear from the Chairs of the All-Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs) focused on climate change, the environment, energy and nature to understand how UK parliamentarians work cross-party to secure more ambitious leadership on the environment, followed by speeches from international politicians and legislators on how they see building consensus for climate action domestically and globally. 

The event is divided into three sections: 

14.00: Panel discussion
A cross-party non-partisan panel of UK and international politicians exploring how best to build and strengthen political consensus on climate, including priority areas such as energy, finance and nature – enabling governments around the world focus long term solutions and more ambitious delivery.
Bim Afolami MP (Chair, APPG on Renewable and Sustainable Energy)
Speakers: Anna McMorrin MP (Vice-Chair, APPG on Climate Change), Anthony Browne MP (Chair, APPG on Environment), Alex Sobel MP (Chair, APPG on Net Zero), Sir Ed Davey (Chair, APPG on Sustainable Finance),  Philip Dunne MP (Chair of the Environmental Audit Committee), Baroness Helene Hayman (Co-Chair, Peers for the Planet).
With video presentations from Senator Mary Coyle (Canadian Senate); and Zali Steggall, Helen Haines, Rebekha Sharkey (Members of the Australian House of Represenatives for Waringha, Indi and Mayo respecitively). 

15.15: Networking and consensus-building dialogue across the event space
For those joining us via livestream, please note that this will be a break in the event. Please join us for the next section of the event at 16.00. 

16.00: Speeches 
International politicians will reflect on the impacts of climate change in their country and the political environment for climate action in their home and what they hope to see at COP26, followed by closing speeches from Scottish and UK hosts. 
Co-Chairs: Barry Gardiner MP (Chair, APPG on international conservation), Ian Liddel-Grainger MP (Chair, APPG on Energy Studies)
Speakers:  Hon. Tanvir Shakil Joy (Member of Bangladeshi Parliament), BG Dr Didacus Jules (Director General of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States) BG Deputado Federal Rodrigo Agostino (Chairman of the Brazilian Lower House Environment Committee), BG Hon Werani Chilenga (Chair of the Environmental Committee of the Parliament of Malawi), Graeme Day MSP (Scotland's Minister for Transport), Katherine Fletcher MP (PPS to Alok Sharma).

Watch the livestream: