Seminar: The future of the RHI and policy levers for low carbon heat

Carbon Connect’s ongoing Future Heat Series is examining the pathways and policy for heat in the UK. Beginning with the 80 per cent of heat consumed in buildings, they have looked in-depth at six of the most commonly-cited pathways to 2050 (Pathways for Heat), and are now developing policy options for delivering the types transformation seen across these pathways (Policy for Heat).

To support Carbon Connect's policy research in the second inquiry, due to be published in June 2015, a number of roundtables are being held to explore key topics in further detail.  One of the key questions facing future heat policy is how best to encourage and support the deployment of low carbon heat supply. The Government has made a good start with the introduction of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) but much remains to be done to increase uptake of low carbon heating in both non-domestic and domestic buildings. This roundtable will explore:

  • Key issues in extending the policy to 2020 (the role of biomass, increasing uptake, supporting emerging technologies, how to tackle non-financial barriers).
  • Policy options in the longer term (post 2020) for supporting low carbon heat: continuing with the RHI, phased regulations and carbon pricing.
  • The extent to which it is desirable and feasible to plan and deliver low carbon heat schemes at a local level.

Visit the Carbon Connect website to find out more and register to attend.


  • 15.30-17.30 |  Arup Headquarters, London


  • To be confirmed