Roundtable: Running the Low Carbon Heat Transition

2 Hours

This online session will focus on the governance and delivery of the large-scale transition to low carbon heat.

This will include considering the following questions:

  • What will be the most effective mechanisms to deliver the transition to low carbon heat?
  • What should the balance be between local, devolved and central government in the rollout of low carbon heating options?
  • What new bodies, or adaptations to existing governance structures, are required to support the deployment of low carbon heating?
  • Are current arrangements sufficient to protect consumers during the transition to low carbon heat?



Dr Keith MacLean OBE - Chair of UKERC's Advisory Board


Barry Gardiner MP - House of Commons

Caroline Bragg - The ADE

Jody Pittaway- SSE

Guy Newey - Energy Systems Catapult

Prof Jan Webb - University of Edinburgh


This event is sponsored by SSE.