Roundtable: Next Steps in Heat Policy


This session will focus on short/medium term policy development related to low carbon heat. It will consider the most pressing and immediate areas for policy development in heat during the period up to 2025.


Keitch MacLean, Providence Policy (Chair)


Ian McCluskey, IGEM
Arianna Griffa, Energy Systems Catapult
Richard Lowes, University of Exeter

The session will seek to address the following:

  • What are the key lessons which have been learnt from past experience of policies designed to deploy low carbon heating?
  • What schemes (if any) should replace the Renewable Heat Incentive?
  • How should heat networks be supported through policy during the 2020s?
  • What policy development is required to support the transition to low carbon heat for off-gas grid properties?
  • What further policy development is required to ensure new build properties do not add to the low carbon heat challenge?
  • What are the immediate priorities for low carbon heating policy between 2020-25?