Roundtable on Education, Skills and the Next Generation of Designers

1400 - 1600

The All-Party Design and Innovation Group, in partnership with the Design and Technology Association and the Design Business Association, are delighted to host a roundtable discussion on the present state of design education in secondary schools, universities and the impact that they are having on the design industry. 

The roundtable will be held in Parliament and bring together senior figures from the design sector and creative industries, including academics, industry leaders, and teachers. The key themes discussed will be: 

  1. Challenges for Design & Technology education within the National Curriculum and English Baccalaureate
  2. The place of Design and Technology education within the wider STEM agenda
  3. How more students can be encouraged to take the subject into higher and further education
  4. How to best link schools and business / industry to better inform students about career opportunities available and assist business / industry to make positive contributions to student’s educational opportunities leading to greater take up career openings
  5. The economic and cross-sectoral benefits of design education  

The issues raised in this roundtable will be incorporated into a term paper that will be circulated to key policy makers within Parliament and Government and will inform future work aimed at better informing headteachers, industrialists and key decision makers.

Attendence is by invitation only - however, those wishing to attend can email jack.tindale [at] (subject: Design%20Skills%20Roundtable) (Jack Tindale) for futher details.