Roundtable: Developing Energy Storage in the UK

2 Hours

Renewable energy has vast potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the UK. However, a major impediment to their deployment is the intermittent nature of sources such as solar photovoltaics and wind energy which create large peaks and troughs in energy supply. Energy storage offers a solution to bridge these periods.

This roundtable will take an in-depth look at the role energy storage will play in the UK’s transition to a low carbon economy. It will assess the challenges faced by the grid from renewables and how energy storage can offer solutions to these. It will also examine how policy could provide a greater degree of support to the development of energy storage in the UK.


  • Callum McCaig MP


  • Nicholas Rigby - NRG Management Consultancy
  • Mark Howitt - Storelectric Ltd
  • Dr. Catalina Spataru - UCL Energy Institute
  • Phil Sheppard - National Grid
  • Deirdre Bell - Ofgem