Report Launch: Future Gas Series Part 3


Carbon Connect is launching the Future Gas Series report, ‘Uncomfortable Home Truths: why Britain urgently needs a low carbon heat strategy'

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This report explores the implications of a transition to low carbon heat on households in the UK. These social aspects are critical to the success of any low carbon transition, but particularly for low carbon heat, which will require change in almost every house in the UK.

As well as discussing the implications of different low carbon heating options on homes, the report explores who should lead a transition to low carbon heat; how the public should be engaged and informed about low carbon heat; the protections and rights for households during a low carbon heat switchover; and how costs of heat decarbonisation can be raised and shared equitably across society.

The recommendations and findings of this report will form the basis of Carbon Connect’s upcoming work aimed at influencing BEIS’ 2020 Heat Roadmap.

Keynote Speech:

Lord Duncan of Springbank, Climate Change Minister


Maxine Frerk, Grid Edge Policy (Chair)

Joanna Furtado, Policy Connect (Report Author)

Alan Brown MP

Dr Alan Whitehead MP

James Heappey MP

Adam Turk, Baxi Heating

Mike Foster, Energy & Utilities Alliance

Dhara Vyas, Citizens Advice

The Future Gas Series Part 3 has been sponsored by Baxi Heating, the Energy and Utilities Alliance (EUA), and the Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM).