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Preparing for climate change: a new National Adaptation Programme

Preparing for climate change: a new National Adaptation Programme

5th February 2018

In 2018, Defra will publish a new National Adaptation Programme (NAP).

The NAP, first published in 2013, sets out the steps that Government, businesses and our society will take in order to adapt to the impacts of climate change in the UK.:


Mary Creagh MP Chair of the Environmental Audit Committee


  • Dr. Mike Morecroft, Principal Specialist, Climate Change, Natural England 
  • Liz Parkes, Deputy Director, Climate Change and Business Services, Environment Agency

The greatest threats from climate change include risks such as flooding and coastal change, future water shortages, new and emerging pests and diseases, high temperatures, threats to natural capital and impacts on the global food system. In order to adequately address these risks, the Committee on Climate Change have called on Government to ensure that 2018's NAP is more ambitious. It must be strengthened, with policies that make a measurable difference and with clearer mechanisms to track progress.

But what doees this mean in practice? What does an ambitious NAP look like, and how can we achieve it? This event will seek to answer these questions by joining Parliamentarians with experts from across the policy landscape in order to examine this issue and outline a vision for what the new NAP should look like.

Portcullis House
United Kingdom