An Olympic-style delivery architecture for decarbonisation

The case for a central delivery architecture to co-ordinate the development and delivery of the UK’s decarbonisation efforts has been successfully and comprehensively made by a number of individuals and organisations over the course of recent years. What the different proposals have in common is the desire to address current gaps in the UK’s governance framework to ensure a successful and effective transition to net zero.

Policy Connect is organising this roundtable, chaired by Darren Jones MP (pictured - centre), Chair of the House of Commons Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee, to provide an opportunity to move beyond general acknowledgement of those gaps and agreement that a central delivery architecture is needed to help address them. Instead, the roundtable aims to produce initial ideas for the design principles, high-level structure, general scope, and possible tasks of such a central delivery architecture as well as develop focus areas for next practical steps. 

The roundtable will start with a look at the London 2012 Olympic Games with a showcase of the delivery mechanisms of its infrastructure, venues, operations (the events), public engagement and legacy. This will provide the basis for a discussion of which elements of a central delivery structure like that of the Olympic Games might be transferrable to the decarbonisation challenge and what lessons can be learnt from the long-term approach and structural set-up taken for the delivery of the Games.