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Is it time to kick fossil fuels out of politics?

Is it time to kick fossil fuels out of politics?

14th March 2017

With 2016 is set to be the hottest year on record and a climate sceptic elected to the White House, the need for stronger action on climate change is more urgent than ever.

We know that to stop the worst of climate change, almost all of the known reserves of fossil fuels must stay in the ground. Despite this fact, the fossil fuel industry continues with business as usual. According to the United Nations Environment Programme, we will blow the 1.5 target created in Paris within three years without a step change in global action. Is it time to look for ways to radically reduce the influence of the fossil fuel sector within our politics?

APPCCG chair Caroline Lucas MP will bring together a panel of speakers for an interactive discussion on conducting 'fossil free politics', discussing the reasons for pursuing it and how to implement it in practice.

Speakers will be confirmed shortly. 

House of Commons, Westminster