Future Electricity Series: Power from Renewables Conference

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Phase two of the Future Electricity Series was launched on 16 May 2013 with an afternoon conference examining the future role of renewables in the power sector. Over 100 guests from all areas of the power sector heard from our expert speakers, including representatives from the Department of Energy and Climate Change, the Committee on Climate Change, National Grid, Siemens and Ricardo AEA. Inquiry co-chairs, Baroness Worthington and Charles Hendry MP, led a panel discussion followed by breakout discussions, which contributed to a final research report, Power from Renewables, published on 4th September 2013.

Topics covered at the conference included future technology costs, managing varying supply and biomass sustainability. These issues are of particular importance in light of the Government publishing draft strike-prices for renewables, the progress of Electricity Market Reform being debated in the Energy Bill and the pipeline of coal to biomass conversions currently being considered.


“This Power from Renewables research is going to be one of the most important parts of the whole Future Electricity Series. Settling the debate on the role of renewables and how they tie into security of supply is one of the most urgent parts of the energy debate.”

Charles Hendry MP, Future Electricity Series Co-Chair


“It has been a pleasure working with Carbon Connect in a cross-party environment on the Future Electricity Series, because it is really crucial wherever possible to strive for cross-party consensus on energy policy. We need less ideology and more evidence. That is what characterised the first report of the Future Electricity Series and will continue in Power from Renewables”.

Baroness Worthington, Future Electricity Series Co-Chair



Charles Hendry MP

Baroness Worthington



Bernie Bulkin – Chair of the Office for Renewable Deployment, DECC

Matthew Knight – Director of Business Development, Siemens Energy

Heather Haydock – Practice Director, Energy & Climate Change, Ricardo AEA

Dr. Ute Collier – Committee on Climate Change

Craig Dyke – Strategy Development Manager, National Grid


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Power from Renewables sponsors: DONG Energy & Siemens

Future Electricity Series sponsor: Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers