Funding the Low Carbon Heat Transition


The aim of the session is to discuss questions of funding related to the low carbon heat transition.

The online roundtable will include considering the following topics:

  • What is the most equitable way to allocate the costs of the transition to low carbon heat?
  • How should the costs associated with the transition to low carbon heat interact with the wider transition to net-zero emissions across all sectors?
  • Which factors will affect consumers’ willingness to pay for low carbon heat?
  • What policy mechanisms are the most equitable and efficient ways to incentivise the transition to low carbon heat? E.g. bill levies, carbon pricing or taxation.
  • How should low carbon heat be funded in the short- and long-term?


Maxine Frerk - Grid Edge Policy


Clementine Cowton - Octopus Energy

Ian Rose - PassivSystems

Dr Matthew Hannon - University of Strathclyde

Roy Collins - EDF Energy

Tom Palmer - Cornwall Insight

Please email Ágnes Szuda at agnes.szuda [at] for more information.