Fighting the Earth’s emergency

4 - 5 pm

Please join us for an online event, jointly hosted by the APPCCG and the Environment APPG , that will provide an opportunity to highlight the urgent need for action ahead of, during and after COP26. The event will feature a discussion and Q & A on the Richard Gere narrated film, Earth Emergency, exploring:

  • The role of filmmaking in raising awareness on environmental issues.
  • How Parliamentarians and the public can work together to support ambitious climate action.
  • How human activity sets in motion Earth’s own natural warming mechanisms, releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, and further warming the planet.
  • The importance of COP26 and priorities for the summit.

The event will be co-chaired by Caroline Lucas MP (APPCCG Chair and MP for Brighton Pavilion) and Anthony Browne MP (Environment APPG Chair and MP for South Cambridgeshire)


Anna McMorrin MP - Vice-Chair of the APPCCG and the APPG on Net Zero; MP for Cardiff North

Prof. Dann Mitchell -  Professor in Climate Science, University of Bristol 

Bonnie Waltch - Earth Emergency producer

Susan Gray - Earth Emergency director

We would be delighted for you to attend. If this event is of interest, please register here.

Narrated by Richard Gere, Earth Emergency explores how human activity sets in motion Earth’s natural mechanisms, releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, creating further warming, and pushing the climate to a tipping point.