Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging: Resources and waste sector roundtable


This event is a roundtable on the Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging (EPR) and other related policy developments in the waste and resources sector. This event seeks to capture Sustainable Resource Forum members’ ‘first reactions,’ to recent updates from Government and one year on from the publication of consultation results.  

The roundtable is seeking to discuss the following:

  • What progress has been made one year on from the publication of the original consultation results on EPR?
  • Sector thoughts on more recent announcements, such as the decision to ban certain kinds of single-use plastics in England, and the Deposit Return Scheme for England, exploring appetite and opportunities for influencing through these levers
  • What do we need to see happen in future as the Government continues to implement the Resources and Waste Strategy, to ensure its success?

This event is chaired by Ruth Jones MP and attended by members of the Sustainable Resource Forum. 

For more information about this session, please contact katy.haigh [at] policyconnect.org.uk (katy[dot]haigh[at]policyconnect[dot]org[dot]uk)