Energy White Paper roundtable

A Carbon Connect roundtable to explore the recently published Energy White Paper and hear from a range of cross-party speakers.

Alan Whitehead MP
Sarah Olney MP
Alan Brown MP 
Baroness (Natalie) Bennett 
Lord (Ian) Duncan

The following questions will be considered:

  • With affordability a key part of the energy white paper, what steps should be taken to ensure a just transition whilst also meeting the costs of delivering net zero?
  • How can government and industry engage with the public to build support for the net zero transition?
  • What will need to be done to ensure emissions-free energy production, a large part of which is planned for 2030, taking into account the commitments in the white paper to CCUS, wind power and hydrogen production capacity amongst others?
  • Where does the government need to focus its attention in terms of decarbonising heat; taking into account the role of hydrogen, heat pumps, district heating and alike; to ensure varying future demands are met across the country? What further clarity is required in the BEIS Heat and Buildings Strategy?
  • Which funding mechanisms do we need to consider to finance the plans set out in the white paper? How do we ensure costs are distributed fairly? What will be the impact on long-term public finances (also considering the COVID-19 recovery)? How is private sector investment best attracted to ensure maximum impact?
  • How do we ensure the long-term sustainability of new jobs that have been announced in the white paper? Where will these jobs be; when and how do the relevant skills need to be taught; and what will the long-term impact of new jobs on industries and communities?