Driving a UK Self-Care Revolution


The All-Party Parliamentary Health group is delighted to deliver a panel discussion supported by Sanofi to explore how we can drive a self-care revolution in the UK, chaired by Barry Sheerman MP.

The government has outlined its ambition to decrease the growing backlogs faced across the NHS systems in the UK. Following the Covid-19 pandemic, GP referrals, A&E waiting times and cancer waiting lists have continued to grow with a great demand for hospital treatments outstripping capacity. It is no surprise that the demands of delivering care during a pandemic have led to significant backlogs and longer waits for patients including longer waiting times for patients with self-treatable conditions.

As part of a greater emphasis on prevention, encouraging patient self-care will be a key aspect of future proofing health services and relieving some of the current pressures the NHS faces.

The aim of this panel discussion will be to explore opportunities associated with the promotion of patient self-care in UK healthcare system.

The panel will discuss:

  • How we can promote a better understanding of self-care by patients and clinicians;
  • The role of community pharmacies; 
  • How making the right medicine available through the right route can support self-care.

Speakers include:

  • The Rt Hon Sir George Howarth MP
  • Harsh GK - Western Europe CHC Head, Sanofi
  • Claire Nevinson - Superintendent Pharmacists, Boots UK
  • Malcolm Harrison - Chief Executive, Company Chemists Association
  • Sarah Tilsed - Head of Patient Partnerships, Patients Association

For more information or to register interest, please email jasmin.adebisi [at] policyconnect.org.uk (jasmin[dot]adebisi[at]policyconnect[dot]org[dot]uk)