Covid-19 Recovery: A solutions focused approach to NHS diagnostics & treatment backlog

15:00- 16:00 (1 hour)

The COVID-19 pandemic affected every aspect of the health service. Balancing the needs of COVID-19 patients with those awaiting urgent and elective care as well protecting the vulnerable resulted in difficult decisions and a backlog that will take years to clear.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Health (APHG) will take a solutions focused approach to the backlog in waiting times. Whilst never underestimating the COVID-19 virus or dismissing its impact, it is to this that we now must turn our attention. Determining the scale of the challenge and who is caught up in these waiting times is important. As is how to ensure the best care whilst bringing the numbers down. 

Chaired by Lord Patel of Bradford, this event aims to explore some of the potential solutions to addressing the backlog, how to implement them in a way that prioritises personalised care and patient safety and how to support staff to continue to innovate to face the challenges ahead. Speakers include those from across the health service, representing pharmacy, diagnostics, surgical staff and tech entrepreneurs. 

To find out more about this event or for joining instructions, please email becky.rice [at]