The Cost of Tackling Plastic


The APSRG is anticipating Defra's second EPR reform consultation later this year. We will be holding a series of roundtables to explore various aspects of the reforms.

This first roundtable will consider the fees/finance aspect of the upcoming EPR reform and plastic packaging tax. This will be held as a virtual roundtable and participants will be encouraged to contribute to the discussion.Topics considered will include:

  • How should the upcoming plastic packaging tax, and reforms to the producer responsibility system complement one another?
  • Should any of the fees/revenues raised be hypothecated to drive sustainable waste management and recycling infrastructure?
  • How should EPR be structured to provide sufficient funding for local authority services and communications? 
  • What additional investment or policy may be needed to ensure a successful transition to more sustainable use of plastics?


Ben Lake MP


  • Paul Vanston, INCPEN
  • Lee Marshall, LARAC
  • Adrian Hawkes, Valpak