COP26 & the waste and resource sector


This November, the UK will appear on the world's diplomatic stage as host of COP26. The UK's COP Presidency puts a special spotlight on domestic emissions reductions and highlights the importance of getting a credible net zero pathway across all sectors of the economy. As part of this, emissions from the waste and resource sector must also be tackled.

In the context of COP26, the session will explore where the emissions of the waste sector come from, what the net zero pathway for the sector looks like and what steps the sector needs to take to achieve this. It will also discuss what policies are needed to ensure the sector can deliver net zero, explore the importance of resource efficiency and highlight how the waste and resource sector can contribute to the success of COP26.

The session will be chaired by Dr Alan Whitehead MP


Louis Worthington - The Committee on Climate Change

Claire Shrewsbury - WRAP

Jacob Hayler - Environmental Services Association

Zoë Lenkiewicz  - WasteAid 

Prof David C. Wilson MBE– Visiting Professor, Imperial College London

Further speakers tba. 

If you are interested in the session, please email Ágnes Szuda (agnes.szuda [at]