Considering policy recommendations from the Climate Assembly

The Climate Assembly report, ‘The path to net zero’, which came out in September, sets out the topics and recommendations that assembly members discussed and agreed. The topic of heat and energy use in the home, which is central to this discussion, was considered by thirty-five assembly members reflecting the wider UK population in terms of demographics and lever of concern about climate change.

This roundtable considers the following key questions:

  • What are some of the Climate Assembly’s key recommendations on low-carbon heating and electricity that policymakers should consider?
  • What are the current major policy gaps between the recommendations and government plans?
  • What specific policies might need to be considered in order to deliver on the recommendations; or what variations of these recommendations might be more achievable?
  • Where do we need clarity from forthcoming publications, such as the Energy White Paper and the Heat Strategy, in order to be able to deliver on some of the recommendations?
  • How do we ensure we ‘build back better’ with a central focus on consumers, jobs and green investment? How do we put some of the recommendation into practice during the recovery?
  • How do we engage with the public and consumers on a continual basis in order to inform policy and ensure general awareness of policy options and government plans?
  • What areas should future assemblies focus on in order to provide further detail and clarity? What questions might we want to ask consumers to help industry adjust to changing demands?

Jim Watson

Alan Brown MP, House of Commons
Lord Duncan, House of Lords
Jenny Hill, Climate Change Committee
Matthew Lipson, Energy Systems Catapult
Chris Shaw, Climate Assembly UK
Dipali Raniga, National Grid