The Brain and CO Roundtable

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    Title card: "The Brain and CO: The impacts of carbon monoxide poisoning on mental health and wellbeing"; subtitle: A Parliamentary Roundtable chaired by Chris Bryant MP; a photograph of Chris Bryant MP

This Parliamentary roundtable, hosted by Chris Bryant MP, will discuss carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning's effects on the brain and mental health, including how it can cause an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)

The event will bring together a range of experts including Parliamentarians, medical professionals, ABI campaigners, CO researchers, and mental health groups to discuss:

  • What is the impact of acquired brain injury on long term changes in mood, memory, personality and intellect?
  • How does the above point relate to Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) caused by CO poisoning? Is there a difference between those suffering acute and chronic CO poisoning?
  • Where are the research gaps in the above two points?
  • How can protocols around awareness and diagnosis of the impact of CO poisoning on the brain be developed or improved?
  • What treatment currently exists for those who have cognitive and neurobehavioral problems from CO poisoning? How can these be developed and improved?
  • Should treatment of neurobehavioral changes from ABI and CO poisoning be treated differently to other mental health issues? If so, how?

This event is kindly sponsored by Gas Safety Trust.

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