The Brain and CO: Clinic workshop

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The All-Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group (APPCOG) is hosting a medical workshop to develop on our Parliamentary roundtable examining carbon monoxide (CO's) impact on the brain.

The workshop will bring together a variety of medical and healthcare professionals to further develop the concept of a specialist clinic designed to diagnose and treat patients with neurological difficulties caused by CO exposure. The half-day event will feature presentations and discussions on critical questions facing Neurology and CO, including:

  1. What lessons can be applied from the development of similar clinics?
  2. How would a specialist neurological clinic for carbon monoxide patients function?
  3. What kind of team would be needed to operate such a clinic and how could it be assembled?
  4. How could the clinic facilitate research and serve as a long-term resource?
  5. Where can funding for the clinic be found and how do we build a compelling proposal?
  6. What are the next steps for developing the clinic?

The concept of a specialist CO clinic was originally proposed in the APPCOG's 2017 report, Carbon monoxide poisoning: Saving lives, advancing treatment, by Dr Steve White and Dr Luke Bennetto. This event is kindly sponsored by the Gas Safety Trust