The Art in the Artificial - the implications of AI for the creative industries

1530 - 1700

The use and influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the creative industries is growing. AI techniques are already recommending us TV shows or music on services such as Netflix or Spotify, but the potential applications stretch across many areas including fashion, art, computer games and filmmaking.

A recent study by nesta has identified the growing importance of both AI and the creative industries for the UK’s economic future have been identified with both areas receiving sector deals, but our policies in these sectors are not joined up - without this they won’t achieve their full potential. Research by colleagues in the Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Centre (PEC), shows that the UK is strong in AI research relevant to the creative industries, but practical applications appear to be at early stages.This online event will take place on Tuesday 28th July from 3:30pm until 5pm. We are delighted that John Davies, one of the report authors, will be able to attend and report on the matters arising. 

A full report of the meeting will be taken, together with a paper/statement for further consultation with our parliamentary members. 

jack.tindale [at] (subject: The%20Art%20in%20the%20Artificial%C2%A0-%20the%20implications%20of%20AI%20for%20the%20creative%20industries) (Please email Jack Tindale you would like to attend.)