APPCOG Webinar - How are patients and healthcare workers at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning?


Carbon monoxide poisoning is a lethal risk in healthcare settings and care recipients’ homes. This free webinar teaches top tips on carbon monoxide sources, symptoms and protective measures for health professionals and patients. 

Known as an invisible killer, carbon monoxide (CO) is a colourless and odourless gas that causes dozens of tragic fatalities each year. There is a suite of risks of CO poisoning in the home, but many are unaware of the sources, telltale signs, and often-misdiagnosed symptoms of exposure. 

On Friday 16 February, Michaela Nuttall, director of nurse education organisations Learn With Nurses and Smart Health Solutions, and RCN representative on the All-Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group, is joined by members of the Parliamentary Group’s Expert Medical Sub-Group on Carbon Monoxide (COMED). 

COMED Chair and independent consultant Issie Myers, and Hilary Wareing, COMED member and Director of the Improving Performance in Practice, join Michaela to uncover the sources, signs and symptoms of CO poisoning, the gravity of the risk of CO poisoning, and top tips to protect against poisoning. 

All can be affected by CO, but the medically vulnerable, the elderly, children and pregnant women are particularly at risk, while healthcare professionals can be at significant risk when working in poorly maintained home environments. 

Nurses and other healthcare professionals have a crucial role to play in protecting patients against CO poisoning – while staying conscious of the risk to themselves. 

Join Michaela, Issie and Hilary on Friday, February 16th to learn about top tips for protecting yourselves and patients. 

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