APMG IET Roundtables: Delivering Net Zero through Digital


The APMG will be holding the second in a 2-part roundtable series , chaired by Sarah Olney MP. "Delivering net zero through digital" will examine the challenges facing the manufacturing sector in achieving net zero and explore how digitalisation may offer opportunities to implement better sustainable business operations. 

The second roundtable will be held 30th April via zoom and will feature speakers Steve Evans (IfM, IET ) before breaking out into discussion groups.

 It will build on the evidence gathered in RT 1, and aim to develop key recommendations for government through breakout sessions and roundtable discussion. 

The discussions will centre around three key themes: 

  • Industry 4.S – How do we align the two major shifts of Digitalisation and Sustainability? 
  • Resilience – How can we as a sector better prepare for crises we can’t foresee? 
  • Visions for Manufacturing in 2030 - What do we want manufacturing to look like in 2030?

Building capability in UK manufacturing is necessary, but in a period of unprecedented change, we must now consider how we can adopt technological advancements faster and become agile. 

To attend please email Floriane Fidegnon, Head of Industry, Technology and Innovation at floriane.fidegnon [at] policyconnect.org.uk