Achieving High Street Health

11:00-12:00 (1 hour)

The All-Party Health Group is hosting an online roundtable ‘Achieving high street Health’. Chaired by Peter Dowd MP, this event will address the challenges and opportunities for High Street health care providers  in creating a sustainable service, addressing the elective backlog and offering place based, personalised care. 

High street healthcare providers are some of the most trusted, used and under pressure health services. They are embedded within local communities and have provided essential services during the Covid-19 lockdowns whilst remaining an accessible point of contact, diverting patients away from overburdened NHS services.  


The event will explore:

  • Elements of best practice and ways in which High Street health can offer an alternative for primary care health service provision 

  • Current barriers to integration 

  • The role of high street health in tackling the elective care backlog 

  • Targeted approaches to reducing inequalities to access to care 

  • The barriers to success and gaps that must be filled within policy to support and enhance the role of high street health 

This is an opportunity to hear more from speakers from Boots UK, The College of Optometry and Dentistry representatives  

If you have any questions, to register or for more information please contact becky.rice [at]