Accessible Transport Policy Commission - The Future of Co-production and Service User Engagement in the Transport Sector


Policy Connect’s Assistive Technology team are partnering with the National Centre for Accessible Transport to host the autumn edition of the Accessible Transport Policy Commission in Parliament next week. 

Launched in September, the Accessible Transport Policy Commission works to remove barriers to transport for disabled people in the UK. The Commission brings together Parliamentarians, disabled people, transport professionals and policymakers from the national, regional, local and devolved levels of government to improve public policies and everyday practices.

Chaired by Marion Fellows MP, the 8 November meeting will consider ‘The Future of Co-production and Service User Engagement in the Transport Sector’.  

This roundtable discussion will bring together disabled people, policymakers and transport professionals to explore the extent to which co-production is practised in the transport system. From the centre of government to local services, we will highlight examples of where disabled people are directly involved in top level decision making. We will also look at what co-production means for disabled passengers travelling on the transport network every day.

The event will feature contributions from:

  •  Professor Matthew Campbell-Hill, Chair of the Disabled Person Transport Advisory Committee at the Department for Transport
  • Victoria Garcia MBE, Accessibility and Communities Manager at Brighton and Hove Buses and Metrobus
  • Brandon Peat, Accessibility and Inclusion Manager at Avanti West Coast

For further information about this event, please contact robert.mclaren [at]