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Plastic Regulation across Europe and the UK

Plastic Regulation across Europe and the UK

12th March 2019
4-6 pm

The All-Party Parliamentary Sustainable Resource Group and the University Of Exeter Business School are delighted to invite you to the presentation of the first comprehensive survey of plastics policies and regulation in the European context, which reviews existing policies in 15 major European jurisdictions, as well as at the EU-level.

In the wake of an unprecedented level of interest in the issue of plastic pollution, and a consequent raise in plastic-related policies around the world, the current situation is that many policies are fragmented and disconnected. Problems of policy coherence risk to undermine the effectiveness. With this in mind the team at the University of Exeter started working on a comprehensive survey aimed at helping policy learning and informing policy coherence. On top of this, and with Brexit approaching quickly for the UK, concerns remain about the UK losing ground against its EU partners in terms of facilities and policies.

Join a panel of experts, academics and parliamentarians as we look into the plastic policy landscape in Europe and beyond. 


House of Commons
United Kingdom