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Policy Connect is the go to cross-party think tank, successfully delivering new policy ideas through research, evidence, political meetings and sector engagement. With no set ideology, we recommend the best approach from facts and data, and help influence policy decisions and law-making. We find the common ground and build consensus to improve public policy.

We have a rich history of influencing cross-party policy for over two decades. With a unique reach into Parliament - and as a leader in research and engagement for a number of diverse policy areas - we support charities, academia, NGOs, public sector and private businesses to engage with Parliament and politicians. We lead debates and seminars and have invited sector specialists to contribute to more than fifty different research inquires.

By harnessing talent and expertise we have seen the results of our work through shaping opinion and influencing outcomes of UK public policy across all of the political parties for over twenty years.

Thanks to our work, the All-Party Parliamentary Sustainable Resource Group and the All-Party Parliamentary Manufacturing Group’s recommendations from their joint policy report were adopted in the latest European Circular Economy package. In particular, the European Commission introduced a definition of remanufacturing taken from our 2014 report Triple Win: The Social, Economic and Environmental Case for Remanufacturing: “a series of manufacturing steps acting on an end-of-life part or product in order to return it to like-new or better performance, with corresponding warranty”.

Who Are We?

We are passionate about the future of public policy making. We bring talent, expertise and approachability to every project we work on – and you will see that in how we work with you. Our personalised approach and dedication means we bring together as many of your views as possible to reach a balanced view. 

The expertise we offer you comes through a tight-knit and dynamic team driven by excellence. Our policy teams include Sustainability; Manufacturing, Design & Innovation; Health & Energy Safety; and Education & Skills; plus the helping hand of communications, marketing, and compliance, who make our ideas come to life.

Policy Connect is entirely committed to upholding the principle of transparency in UK parliamentary and public affairs and welcomes any questions about its work and activities. Here at Policy Connect we ensure our activities, membership and funding are clear. We are funded through a combination of annual membership fees from member organisations and project-based sponsorship for specific events and research. 



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