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We Influence

Our influence is increasingly growing through our research. Our policy evidence-based research impacts new regulations and our engagements help shape discussion in a collaborative way.

Reaching out to government, we actively engage with government debates on our specialist topic areas, contribute to Select Committee inquiries and write submissions for government consultations which shape regulation.

Some of our recent influential works include:

Further, our programme of meetings, which includes launching inquiries and reports, plus high-quality subject roundtables, enables specialist policies to be actively pushed forward in light of our research, recommendations and drawing views together.

Our policy teams maintain a variety of communications with the sector and government. These include dedicated websites, social media platforms, regular briefings and newsletters, and reporting and commenting on the latest policy developments within their specialised areas.

We Research

Policy Connect operates according to a strict Code of Governance and under no circumstances do we endorse, support, lobby for or campaign on behalf of one organisation or party. Instead, our consensus-based approach drives us to improve research standards and deliver quality research.

With a prestigious portfolio of over fifty inquiry reports, Policy Connect’s team manages seventeen All Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs), Commissions and Forums. Our policy teams include Sustainability; Manufacturing, Design & Innovation; Health & Energy Safety; and Education & Skills; plus the helping hand of communications, marketing, and compliance, who make our ideas come to life. Our research covers the policy topics of: 

  • Climate change,
  • Low-carbon energy,
  • Energy efficiency,
  • Water resources,
  • Waste resources,
  • Manufacturing,
  • Design,
  • Assistive technology,
  • Skills and further education,
  • Higher education,
  • Health,
  • Energy safety.

We Engage & Collaborate

Our associate members and stakeholders trust us to lead them in their engagement with Parliament and policy.

We understand that sometimes it can be difficult to know how to connect with government, what policy means for industry and research the detailed and complex lines of regulation.

Increasingly we are addressing cross-sectoral issues by drawing together our different APPGs and membership organisations like no other organisation does.  A recent example is when we arranged for the chairs of two Select Committees to debate the Government’s industrial strategy. To further improve sector engagement, we provide a thoughtful programme of over 100 annual seminars, roundtables, panel discussions and networking events in Parliament.