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  • New Feature

    APSRG Launches its latest publication on resource efficiency across supply chains

    The All-Party Parliamentary Sustainable Resource Group (APSRG) launched its latest publication Link to Link: Driving Resource Efficiency across Supply Chains on 9th February in Parliament. The report is a collection of expert essays that cover each stage of the supply chain, co-chaired by Barry Sheerman MP and Peter Aldous MP. It explores how resources can be better used to make supply chains more efficient and how waste can be cut along the supply chain. 
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  • New Feature

    APSRG's work is recognised in the European Circular Economy package

    The APSRG is delighted that the Commission will revise legislative proposals on waste to establish more harmonised rules to determine when a secondary raw material should no longer be legally considered as ‘waste’ by clarifying existing rules on ‘end-of-waste’. This will provide operators with more certainty and a level playing field. As identified in the APSRG report Triple Win (2014), this will also  significant and positive impact on the remanufacturing industry. Products with potential to be remanufactured are often classified as waste, resulting in some remanufacturers being unable to use or access these products for remanufacture due to permitting reasons. These revisions should overcome this issue.

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  • New Feature

    Senior Researcher Anne-Marie Benoy invited to speak at RWM conference

    On Wednesday September 16th Anne-Marie Benoy, Senior Researcher for the All-Party Parliamentary Sustainable Resource Group, was invited to speak at the RWM exhibition’s Circular Economy Connect theatre.
    Anne-Marie addressed the audience as part of a panel discussing UK remanufacturing and discussed the “Triple Win” report co-authored by the APSRG and the APMG (All-Party Parliamentary Manufacturing Group). 
  • New Feature

    APSRG Manager addresses European conference

    APSRG Manager Laura Owen last week addressed Europe's inaugural waste furniture conference, FurniRec. Held in Deauville, France, the conference brought together leading figures from across the furniture manufacturing and waste industries.

    Drawing on evidence from the APSRG's two in-depth research inquiries into remanufacturing, Laura called for EU governments to put the '4th 'R'' - remanufacturing - alongside recovery, recycling and reuse at the centre of the waste hierarchy.

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  • New Feature

    New 'Triple Win' Remanufacturing report published

    The APSRG's newest report 'Triple Win: The Social, Economic and Environmental Case for Remanufacturing' has been published.
    Written jointly with the All-Party Parliamentary Manufacturing Group, the report lays out more than twenty recommendations for government and industry action.
  • New Feature

    New Remanufacturing report published

    The APSRG has published its newest report 'Triple Win: The Social, Economic and Environmental Case for Remanufacturing'.
    Written jointly with the All-Party Parliamentary Manufacturing Group, the report has received media coverage across the environmental and manufacturing sector.

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