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Andrew Bingham MP

Andrew Bingham MP


Andrew Bingham is Conservative Member of Parliament for High Peak in Derbyshire, and is a member of the APPCOG.

Andrew has been a MP since 2010 and has been active on CO related issues. On 12th September 2014, Andrew presented a Private Member's Bill on improving carbon monoxide safety. Please click here to find out more details.

He was first elected to High Peak Borough Council in 1999, taking an active interest in many areas of the Council's responsibilities. In 2003, Andrew became the Chairman of the Social Inclusion & Community Select Committee and has also been the Chairman of the Development Plan Select Committee and sat on many sub committees looking at specific areas such as youth provision and housing in the High Peak. Before becoming active in politics, Andrew worked in industry for most of his life, supplying engineering equipment to companies across the High Peak and the North West area.