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Parliamentary report on heatwaves states need for water efficient homes

Parliamentary report on heatwaves states need for water efficient homes

18th July 2018

A report by the parliamentary committee the Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) into the impact on heatwaves to the country has recommended that Government updates the building regulations for the level of water efficiency that new homes are built to.

Current building regulations require new homes to be built to a standard that allows their inhabitants to use 125 litres of water per person per day (Lpppd). The EAC suggests that the water consumption standard is reduced to 110 Lpppd.The report stated: 'Government Ministers were keen to stress the “huge role” of local authorities in adapting to heatwaves, however we only received evidence from one local authority. The Local Government Association stated that they “do not have a bespoke work programme on climate change adaption.”'

WSBF's recent Bricks & Water report outlined the problems with setting water efficiency targets for build, in the past creating perverse outcomes like small baths. To reduce the risk of future water shortages Bricks & Water suggested that new homes should be built to a target water efficiency of 100 Lpppd, but if this is going to work more needs to be done to inform the public about the need for greater water efficiency and the role they have to play in saving water.Bricks & Water also identified the problem of lack of capacity in local government to plan for climate change, with less than half (42%) of Local Authorities have a climate change strategy.

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