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£4.23m funding released for innovation in net-zero energy housing refurbishments

£4.23m funding released for innovation in net-zero energy housing refurbishments

9th June 2016

The Energiesprong net-zero housing refurbishment initiative has secured €5.4m (£4.23m) of European funding through the Interreg NWE programme, with a view to scale its existing innovative housing programme in the UK, France and the Netherlands, and to stimulate mass uptake of net-zero energy refurbishments. The EU Interreg grant will be used to co-fund early market Energiesprong retrofits and allow the independent Energiesprong market development teams in the UK, France and the Netherlands to put in place the right market conditions for these net-zero energy refurbishments to take place at scale.

The Energiesprong project, which originated in the Netherlands and was recommended in the latest Westminster Sustainable Business Forum (WSBF) report Warmer & Greener, aims to create a step change in the energy efficiency market and offer whole house retrofits to net-zero energy levels.261 The initial focus of the approach has been in the social housing sector where it has four essential elements: an energy performance guarantee by the contractor, a ten day delivery timetable, investment that is financed by energy cost savings and a guarantee that the refurbishment package improves residents’ quality of life and the appearance of the house. It can also work in modified forms for the private rented and owner-occupied sectors, though is much less viable at the moment while the upfront costs are still high. In Warmer & Greener, the WSBF recommends that the UK Government should engage with Energiesprong UK to reduce barriers to its development and provide some initial, small-scale funding to the project.

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