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New Project: A Spotlight On...

New Project: A Spotlight On...

14th December 2015

The Skills Commission is embarking on a new project, A Spotlight On…, which will examine individuals and groups within the skills training and FE systems.

The further education landscape is currently undergoing considerable reform. With a strong Government agenda focusing on apprenticeships, productivity, and cutting the national deficit, the reforms are expected to go further over the course of the next five years and considerable changes to the system and its structures are expected.

With attention being placed on structural and systemic reforms there is a danger that the needs of different constituents within the system may be neglected. The Spotlight project will aim to bring the focus back to groups and individuals who typically face obstacles in engaging with the skills system.

Peter Mayhew-Smith, principal of both Carshalton College and Kingston College, will Chair the project’s Steering Group which will be made up of further education and skills experts and sector specialists. The Steering Group will take evidence from industry leaders and key stakeholders to inform the research, findings and recommendations.

The Spotlight project will produce a series of reports to engage policy makers by providing analysis, highlighting concerns and drawing attention to where policy can be improved. Provisional topics include:

  • Young people with below average educational attainment

  • Older workers looking to retrain

  • Apprentices – access and progression

  • Needs of small employers

  • Women and the skills system

Reports will take 4-5 months to produce and will be released consecutively.

If you would like more information about this project, please contact / 020 7202 8575.