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Policy Connect’s Code of Governance is to ensure there are agreements between the Officers, Advisory Boards and Associate Members of its All-Party Parliamentary Groups, Forums and Commissions on the rules under which they operates and are administered. A copy is made publicly available on the website. The intention of the Code is to supplement the statutory information that the Group, Forums and Commissions provide on entry in the Register of All-Party Groups (if necessary), in order to ensure full transparency. 

Policy Connect is committed to ensuring its activities and funding are entirely transparent. Our work is funded through a combination of core funding, from associate membership, and ad hoc sponsorship of particular events and research, all of which is declared on the official Parliamentary Register of All-Party Groups where neccessary [LINK] or in our own accounts. Policy Connect does not endorse, support or campaign on behalf of one organisation. Rather, it campaigns for evidence based policy development in its subjects. Our groups operate according to a strict Code of Governance.

The secretariat services are provided by Policy Connect. Policy Connect is committed to upholding the principle of transparency in UK parliamentary and public affairs and welcomes any questions you may have on its work and activities. Further details on this are provided on the full code of governance download to the right.