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Our Ethical Standards

Building Transparency

Over 200 hundred organisations from across academia, business and the third sector share our view that cross-party debate with Parliamentarians and government is not only needed for our democratic processes but is an essential process for making better public policy. We receive our income through associate membership subscriptions, project sponsorship, and grants to our different groups and publish the names of our funders on our websites. Each policy team conforms to our Code of Governance which makes it clear that our purpose is to promote the broad sector policy issues and improving people's lives rather than individual interests. None of our Board Directors are paid.

We are members of the Register of Consultant Lobbyists following guidance for organisations that provide secretariat services to APPGs and directly communicate with Ministers and Permanent Secretaries on behalf of the APPGs or forums. This development is to promote transparency and good governance in communications with Ministers, and as such is to be welcomed. 

We support the aims of the register to promote transparency and have taken a further step ourselves by publishing our supporters list on our own website in different funding bands according to the level of financial support they provide.

Working for Social Good

Policy Connect is a member of Social Enterprise UK, a federation of social enterprises across the UK. We are also based within a social enterprise project named CAN Mezzanine, and work in an office space alongside other third sector organisations who we regularly engage with.

Beyond looking after our current team with our learning and development programme, Policy Connect also provides opportunities for new entrants to the job market by offering blind recruitment, internships and fellowships which are subject to external advertisement, interview, and pay the London Living Wage.