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Policy Connect's Claudia Jaksch to deliver keynote talk at Geologists Association event

Policy Connect's Claudia Jaksch to deliver keynote talk at Geologists Association event

18th May 2017

Our Chief Operating Officer, Claudia Jaksch, will be delivering a keynote talk at “Geology and societal change: What difference does your research make?”, a conference hosted by the Geologists Association, being held in Burlington House, this Friday 19th May.

The conference will be focusing on “What difference does your research make?” At a time when researchers’ integrity is being questioned and budgets are getting cut, and in the wake of Brexit and a ‘post experts’ era, it has never been more important to communicate science.

Claudia will be discussing the importance of educating decision makers and politicians, who are the people able to take evidence from research and put it into policy, regulation and societal law. Of the conference, Claudia said:

“In our work to inform and improve UK public policy, collaborations with and input from the academic sector are one of the cornerstones for the development of our policy recommendations.

Conversely, we help our academic partners to get an insight into how research can be developed and delivered in a manner useful to policy makers and practitioners.

Through our events and research programmes we provide the space for mutual exposure that enables parliamentarians, industry, academia and the third sector to come together, overcome siloed thinking and contribute to better public policy.”

Policy Connect currently works with a number of universities to help them communicate their research, improve impact and evidence-based policy, and link the higher education sphere with the political sphere.

The aim of the conference is to develop science communication amongst early-career researchers and provides an opportunity for industry, changemakers and the general public to learn about the latest research being undertaken in the earth science space. Scheduled talks by students cover earthquake and volcanic hazards, implications of our future climate from historical data, and social and economic impacts of natural gas. The event is sponsored by Atkins, Elsevier, Shell and TMS, and also hosts a keynote speech from Prof Iain Stewart, who has presented major BBC series on the nature, history and state of the planet.

Dr Rebecca Bell from Imperial College London, who organised the conference said:

“The ability to communicate research effectively to a wide audience is a crucial skill for the modern scientist. Although there are plenty of focused technical conferences in the geosciences, students rarely get an opportunity to present their work to non-specialists and really reflect on how their research impacts society.

We have initiated the Geologists’ Association Student Symposium (GASS) to provide such an opportunity. We are very excited to have the support of Policy Connect and are very much looking forward to Claudia’s talk.”


You can follow the event on the day on Twitter via @GeolAssoc, @GASS2017 and @Policy_Connect using the hashtag #GASS2017