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All-Party Parliamentary Manufacturing Group

All-Party Parliamentary Manufacturing Group

Industry, Technology and Innovation

The All-Party Parliamentary Manufacturing Group is a cross-party coalition of Parliamentarians and manufacturing industry organisations that works to develop new industrial policy ideas, critique existing government decision-making around manufacturing, communicate within Parliament the importance of a well-balanced productive economy, and help the manufacturing community better engage with the policy process. 

With renewed political focus on the need to rebalance our economy and begin the 'march of the makers' the APMG is proud of the role it plays in ensuring policies and programmes to support the manufacturing sector achieve consensus from all parties, and across industry. 

The APMG holds regular events and seminars in Parliament and across the UK, publishes newsletters summarising manufacturing policy stories, industry news, and other political developments, and produces short briefing papers to present different perspectives on particular policy issues. Common subjects of discussion include skills, access to finance, procurement of innovation, supporting export, energy policy – to name but a few.

The group also conducts longer term research into more complex or emerging industrial policy topics, through Cross-Party Inquiries.

If you have any questions regarding the Group, its members or its activities and events, please don't hesitate to contact us.