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All-Party Parliamentary Health Group

All-Party Parliamentary Health Group

Health & Accessibility

The All-Party Parliamentary Health Group (APHG) is dedicated to disseminating knowledge, generating debate and facilitating engagement with health issues amongst Members of Parliament.

The APHG comprises members of all political parties, provides information with balance and impartiality, focuses on local as well as national matters, and is recognised as one of the preferred sources of information on health in Parliament.  

We inform and engage Parliamentarians though three major avenues:

  • the organisation of briefings, seminars and conferences addressing and providing information on the major developments in health and the health service

  • the provision of comprehensive web-based resources and a weekly Parliamentary monitoring service

  • through the creation of initiatives designed to help MPs engage more actively with health and the National Health Service in their own constituency

The APHG's agenda is set by its all-party team of elected Parliamentary Officers in consultation with its distinguished Advisory Panel, and delivered by a dedicated secretariat.

The group is supported by an associate membership of up to 26 of the UK's leading organisations working in the health sector, who offer a valued insight into present developments within the healthcare sector. Associate members pay a flat annual subscription fee; collectively these fees provide the APHG with an independent source of funding.

By acting as a forum for discussion and a vehicle for the dissemination of information, we enable Parliamentarians, policy makers, healthcare professionals, suppliers, purchasers, universities, voluntary organisations and charities all to play a full part in an agenda for positive change. If you would like to become involved with the APHG's activities please contact us.