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University of Leicester announces new lecture attendance data collection

University of Leicester announces new lecture attendance data collection

16th September 2016

The University of Leicester has announced that, like some other universities around the UK, it will be offering students the opportunity to 'touch in' for their lecture attendance.

The new "touch green to be seen" campaign is "a new way of registering your attendance at timetabled taught events has been introduced at the University". The University has dedicated a section of its website to explaining the new installation, and infographics on Facebook explain that this "is a process untended for the university to get in touch to make sure you are enjoying and engaging with the teaching here."

The Higher Education Commission is interested to see that data collection is clearly becoming an increasingly important topic across British universities. As recommended in From Bricks to Clicks, data has the potential for universities to identify struggling students, support the learning experience and get feedback from across the campus.

It is also worthwhile considering how this kind of data collection excludes students who study in different ways, something the HEC intends to embark on researching in the near future. You can find out more about our 'growing diversity in higher education provision in the UK' inquiry and sponsorship opportunities here.