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Open University to offer degree apprenticeships

Open University to offer degree apprenticeships

12th August 2016

In what Open University (OU) vice-chancellor Peter Horrocks said could amount to a “significant reorientation”, the OU will launch three degree apprenticeship in the coming months, with more to follow.

Seeking to capitalise on the Apprenticeship Levy, students on the apprenticeships will work towards a full OU degree, combining their studies with working for their employer, who will pay their tuition fees in full. The changes will also all the OU to lessen its reliance on its traditional model of part-time academic degrees, which have suffered from declining uptake in recent years.

Commenting on the changes, Mr. Horrocks said “The watchword is greater adaptability and flexibility, and being able to have a more varied offer, and apprenticeships are an important part of that… [We are] putting ourselves in the minds of all of our different types of students and ensuring that we have an offer that is appropriate for them in terms of the way they want to learn.”

This proves particularly interesting to us here at the Higher Education Commission as we are looking to begin research into the diverse ways students study in Higher Education - this announcement adds yet another dimension to the Higher Education studying system.