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HE Commission calls for evidence on higher education exports inquiry

HE Commission calls for evidence on higher education exports inquiry

20th February 2018

The Higher Education Commission is very pleased to officially call for evidence for its latest inquiry into higher education exports.

The Higher Education Commission’s sixth inquiry examines higher education exports and is co-chaired by Lord Norton of Louth and Professor Simon Marginson

Exporting HE presents an opportunity for Britain to weather the implications of Brexit. Given the unclear future for international trade, many of our key export sectors are at risk of decline. The education sector represents one of Britain’s biggest exports, with opportunities to expand post-Brexit, given the sector’s reliance on non-EU students coming to the UK, and setting up campuses abroad. As the Government enters Brexit negotiations and prepares to negotiate new free trade agreements with countries outside the globe, this inquiry will aim to help grow the sector’s ability to export HE and retain a world class HE system.

Overall objectives of the Exports inquiry:

  1. What are the obstacles to growing HE exports?
  2. What can be done to improve the value of exports post-Brexit?
  3. How can UK advance the other benefits of international education exports?

Please use the questions provided in the attached document to frame your response to the call for evidence, but do not feel restricted by or compelled to answer every question. The Commission welcomes all types of evidence, from data including data analysis or internal studies your organisation has carried out, and personal or organisational views on these issues. Submissions of evidence will not be published and the Commission will seek your permission before quoting from evidence submissions in our final report.

The Commission’s secretariat will also be conducting informal interviews to inform the inquiry – please get in touch if you would like to discuss the topic in more detail.

Please see attached the call for evidence. The deadline for submission is Friday 27th April. Evidence can be submitted to For more information about the Commission or the inquiry please contact Pooja Kumari, Research Manager on 020 7202 8583.