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Launch: findings from 'A Vision for Zero Plastic Waste' project

Launch: findings from 'A Vision for Zero Plastic Waste' project

12th February 2019

Policy Connect will be announcing the findings and recommendations coming out of the 'A Vision for Zero Plastic Waste' project this February.

Policy Connect will launch its findings from the initiative to research and recommend the next steps to tackle single use plastics in the UK - the research was set up with with UK Research & Innovation.

The project launched following the shocking Blue Planet documentary and means that scientists and researchers could input into policy research and Parliamentary process. It also brought together commercial interests, the public sector more widely and politicians to create informative roundtable sessions that built consensus around innovative ideas for tackling the UK's waste single use plastic crisis.

The research has led to Policy Connect's Sustainability team putting together its findings and we will be proposing key, urgent steps that government must take in order to efficiently implement its Resource & Waste Strategy ambitions (amongst others).