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Greening Britain's Infrastructure

Greening Britain's Infrastructure

7th June 2018

This summer is an important one for planning the country’s future infrastructure needs. 

The National Infrastructure Assessment (NIA) will, according to the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC), ‘analyse the UK’s long-term economic infrastructure needs, outline a strategic vision over the next 30 years, and set out recommendations for how identified needs should be met.’

The NIC’s Infrastructure Priorities include: connected, liveable city-regions; infrastructure to support housing; eliminating carbon emissions from energy and waste; and reducing the risk of drought and flooding. This has many applications to sustainable infrastructure in the themes of decarbonisation, climate change adaptation and natural capital.

Speakers include:

  • Philip Graham, CEO - National Infrastructure Commission
  • Dan Poulter MP - Environmental Audit Committee
  • Clive Lewis MP - Shadow Treasury Minister
  • Baroness Featherstone – Lib Dem Energy & Climate Change spokesperson
  • Alan Brown MP - SNP infrastructure spokesperson
  • Lillian Greenwood MP - Transport Select Committee Chair
  • Rebecca Long-Bailey MP - Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Please register your interest in attending by contacting Joanna Furtado or by calling 020 7202 8571.


New building: greening britain's infrastructure
New building: greening britain's infrastructure
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