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Energy storage and the transition to a low carbon economy

Energy storage and the transition to a low carbon economy

20th July 2016

The All-Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group in conjunction with the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Energy Storage is delighted to invite you to our next event: ‘Energy storage and the transition to a low carbon economy’. 

In the UK renewable energy has vast potential to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Government subsidies and the falling cost of renewables have already resulted in significant deployments of wind and solar capacity, but much more will need to be deployed if we are to meet our climate change commitments.

There are challenges in increasing deployment, particularly as solar photovoltaics and wind energy provide intermittent sources to the grid. This can result in large peaks and troughs in energy supply, which currently are balanced by coal and gas generation. Since peak supply from solar is in the middle of the day and peak demand is in the evening, energy storage offers a solution to bridge these periods and balance supply without producing further greenhouse gas emissions.

This event will look at the role energy storage will play in the UK’s transition to a low carbon economy. It will look the challenges faced by the grid from renewables and how energy storage can offer solutions, it will look at current and future types of energy storage and the potential offered by new technologies, and it will look at how our natural habitat can be used to store energy in a more environmentally sustainable manner.

This event will be co-chaired by Daniel Zeichner MP and Peter Aldous MP and bring together a panel of experts from industry, academia and civil society.

Speakers include:

  • Phil Sheppard – Director of System Operations, National Grid

  • Professor Clare Grey – Professor of Chemistry at the University of Cambridge and Associate Director of the Northeastern Chemical Energy Storage Center

  • Giles Bristow – Director of Programmes, Forum for the Future

  • Stephen Prince - Chief Executive Officer of Younicos

  • Kayla Ente - Founder and CEO of Brighton and Hove Energy Services Co-op

More to follow.

The twitter hashtag for this event will be: #APPCCGEnergyStorage