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The Opportunities Offered by Low Carbon Gas

The Opportunities Offered by Low Carbon Gas

On Wednesday 16 November 2016 Carbon Connect ran a roundtable in Parliament entitled, ‘The Opportunities Offered by Low Carbon Gas’, chaired by Callum McCaig MP, James Heappey MP, and Dr Alan Whitehead MP.

This was the first of three evidence sessions held as part of the research process for the first report in Carbon Connect’s Future Gas Inquiry series. This briefing paper has been produced as a follow up to this. While it was informed by the event it does not necessarily represent the views of those in attendance.


Recommendation 1:

Government should establish policy initiatives to accelerate the replacement of non-condensing boilers, as part of wider ongoing and future energy efficiency schemes.

Recommendation 2:

Given the challenges of electrifying heat, Government should revise its existing heat strategy to include a reduced reliance on electrification and to provide greater emphasis on alternative technologies and energy sectors, particularly low carbon gas.

Recommendation 3:

Whilst it is too early for Government to commit to deploying hydrogen at scale, given the potential opportunities offered by hydrogen in the gas grid, Government should support the gas industry’s interest in this technology. Accordingly, Government should encourage further research and development in this area to ensure that the option of using hydrogen to provide decarbonised heat remains open in the future.

Recommendation 4:

Government should consider taking steps to introduce standardised back plates of boilers in order to simplify, speed up and reduce the cost of a potential future conversion from natural gas to hydrogen-fired appliances