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Low Carbon Gas Demonstration Projects

Low Carbon Gas Demonstration Projects

On Tuesday 10 January 2017, Carbon Connect ran a roundtable in Parliament entitled “Low Carbon Gas Demonstration Projects”, chaired by Callum McCaig MP, James Heappey MP, and Dr Alan Whitehead MP.

This was the second of three evidence sessions held as part of the research process for the first report in Carbon Connect’s Future Gas Series. This paper has been produced as a follow up to this. While it was informed by the event it does not necessarily represent the views of those in attendance.


Recommendation 1

Government and Ofgem should actively support enthusiasm from GDNs to run demonstrations providing:

  • The safety-based evidence to show that hydrogen represents a comparable safety risk relative to natural gas, in both downstream and upstream systems.
  •  Evidence supporting any mitigation measures that could be needed to ensure this is the case.
  • Evidence on best practice for customer engagement and positive media.
  • Evidence to support new innovative sources of low carbon gas

Recommendation 2

Government should provide small funding for a competition to explore the feasibility of dual-fuel hydrogen appliances which could simplify the switchover from natural gas to hydrogen.

Recommendation 3

IGEM and HSE should continue the initial work to establish a new hydrogen gas standard which stipulates the gas quality for 100% hydrogen in the grid.

Schedule 3 of GS(M)R standards should be moved into an IGEM standard in order to provide greater flexibility to relax restrictions upon the injection of low carbon gas whilst assuring its safety.

Recommendation 4

Government should signal support for hydrogen demonstrations in order to provide impetus for Ofgem and industry to support such long-term work.

Ofgem should reform NIC/NIA to improve their suitability for hydrogen demonstrations.

Government should provide coordinated financial support for projects outside the scope of Ofgem, such as CCS, as well as projects which involve synergies between energy, transport and other aspects of a hydrogen economy.

Recommendation 5

Government and/or industry should establish a coordination body for 100% hydrogen demonstrations which consists of members from across the energy sector and gas supply chain, including GDNs, BEIS, Ofgem, HSE, IGEM, hydrogen appliance manufacturers and the CCS sector, amongst others.